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Explore Captivating Prehistoric and Historic Sites

with our expert guided excursions and tours

Let us take you on a sweeping journey through the manifestations of life over the past 11 000 years. From rock paintings of the stone age and a historic burial island to tree memorials and battle sites; from mediaeval churches to the manor houses and mine workings of more modern times.

We bring the past vividly to life with a wealth of facts and stories about our finnish ancestors. Add to all this the sheer pleasure of being out in the open air, enjoying a landscape that has delighted hundreds of generations. Our brains expanded to their present size during prehistoric times, and a trip to the early stages of the development of our brains and culture gives us new insight into who we are.

We in Muinaismatkat  (Ancient Tours Ltd) believe in the value and allure of science. Our guides are experts in archaeology, history and related fields.

Only some of our material is translated into English so if you prefer to see some other interests, please contact us, preferably by e-mail. Tell us which period, region and subject you are interested in, when you would like your tour to start, how long you’d like to spend, and any other services you would like in addition to a guide. We shall be happy to make you a proposal.


Muinaismatkat Oy, Cultivator I, Viikinkaari 6, 00790 Helsinki, Puhelin:045 1281 781, Email:info@muinaismatkat.fi